The best part of scientific research is the people that you get to interact with while trying to better understand the world. I mean, the travel is great, so is the research itself, but the people are what ties it all together. Throughout my career, I've been lucky to encounter some exemplary scientists that are somehow even better humans. This is my way of publicly acknowledging them all and I would encourage you to look up their various research efforts. You won't be disappointed. Want to work with me/us on something? Shoot me an email: scott.hotaling (at)!

My lineage

These people don't fit the lists below because they're either involved in a majority of what I do and/or they greatly influenced my academic trajectory and career (but aren't necessarily involved in my day-to-day research).

   Postdoc advisor: Joanna Kelley, Washington State University

  PhD advisor: David Weisrock, University of Kentucky

     Undergrad advisor: Nick Haddad, Michigan State University

Polar fish genome evolution

Luana Lins (Postdoc, Washington State University)
Thomas Desvignes

Alpine stream ecology

Debra Finn (Assistant Professor, Missouri State University)
Clint Muhlfeld
J. Joseph Giersch
Lusha Tronstad
Michael Dillon
Alisha Shah
Lydia Zeglin
Becky Bixby
Ron Call
Larry Serpa

Ice worm genome project

Sean Schoville
Dan Shain
Shirley Lang
Jon Riedel

Microbial ecology of extreme environments

Trinity Hamilton
Robin Kodner